Discussion Guide & Lesson Plan

Saba Mahmood“The Light in her Eyes is simply the best educational film available on Islam, women, religious hermeneutics, and pious devotion.  By documenting the lives of a group of young women in a Quranic school in urban Syria, the film gives us a rare insight into their religious and secular lives, challenging us to think beyond the stereotypes with which Muslim women are seen in the West.  The fact that *The Light in her Eyes* captures this complexity without being didactic is an artistic achievement.  I do not know of any other film that invites students to take a step back and virtually travel through the lives of an extraordinary group of Muslim women. A truly inspiring work.”

– Saba Mahmood, Associate Professor of Anthropology, UC Berkeley
Author of The Politics of Piety; The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject

Discussion Guide


  • This very complete and thorough guide was written by the POV team in consultation with us. It offers background information on Syria, the mosque movement and Islamic feminism. We are thrilled to be able to offer it to our audiences who are interested to learn more about the context in which this film takes place.

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Lesson Plan


  • This lesson plan developed with the POV community outreach team is a great guide for high school and university students. It provides a guide for lesson plans and classroom discussions around the film. Pertinent subject areas include Current Events, Geography, Global Studies, Social Studies, Women’s Studies, Modern World History, and World Religions.

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Lesson Plan