Further background information on the current political situation in Syria and the growing Islamic movement in the Middle East.

An Interview with Saba Mahmood on the Women’s Piety Movement in the Middle East

Anthropologist and Author of  ”The Politics of Piety”

All over the Middle East and other places from Malaysia, to Indonesia, Pakistan and Bangladesh women and girls are studying Islam. They are memorizing Qur’an, and reciting with Tajweed—a set of rules for reciting the Qur’an—, and learning Hadith, or the sayings of the Prophet Mohammed. In many places they are doing this within the mosque…

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An Interview with Josh Landis on Syria and the Arab Spring

Professor of Middle Eastern Studies and author of the blog Syria Comment

Anybody who’s been to Syria, most political analysts in Syria over the last 25 years have written something about the growing piety and Islamic character to Syrian society…  And that’s a major element of what’s been happening culturally in Syria for the last 25-30 years. So that voice is going to come out…

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Women’s Roles as Teachers, Leaders, and Contributors to the Waqf  in Damascus

A very informative research report written by Sarah Grey for The Light in Her Eyes detailing the largely overlooked topic of women as religious scholars, especially within the context of Islam.

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Order Saba Mahmood’s Book, The Politics of Piety

For more scholarly writing on the mosque movement and women’s leadership, please see the work of Hilary Kalmbach, PhD.